Alien Attack    12/15/01 Clarke

   One bright and sunny day, during the summer of 2010, Washington D.C. was preparing for a once in a lifetime, solar eclipse. What Washington D.C. didn't know that day, was that there were alien vessels headed straight towards earth.

   A few hours later, the eclipse was about to start, but then, the famous scientist, Dr. Van Corkenshpeel, ran out of his laboratory.

   "Aliens are coming! Aliens are coming! They will be here in less than half an hour!" yelled Dr. Van Corkenshpeel. The people of Washington D.C. didn't believe the scientist, and laughed at him.

   "Believe me, please!" shouted Dr. Van Corkenshpeel. So George Bush, the president of the United States of America, left the White House and headed straight for Dr. Van Corkenshpeel's laboratory.

   When the president looked through the mega telescope, he was speechless.

   "Oh my, you're right Dr. Corkerspeeld," said George Bush.

   "Mr. President, sir, it's Corkenshpeel," replied the scientist.

   "I'm very sorry doctor. There will be a level one state of emergency," said George Bush. After the president told everyone in Washington D.C. the situation, he took off in a fancy limo headed straight for Camp David.

   Right when the moon covered the sun, the alien vessels started to appear. It was crazy in the streets of Washington D.C.! Absolutely no one was calm! Panic was in the air. People were scared, getting into their cars, running into sheltered buildings, crawling under picnic tables, and even hiding behind trees! Then the aliens attacked, with green, soggy lilypads! Millions of lilypads fell from the alien vessels over Washington D.C..

   At first, people didn't know what they were! Were they poisonous, or harmful? Or were they clean, and freshening? Or maybe just mysterious, unidentified objects? They were soon to find out.

   "Hey, yo! They're just lilypads!" yelled someone from under a car.

   "You're right! Cool!" shouted another.

   Right after the aliens attacked, the alien vessels shot off into deep space at the speed of light. Everyone was running out into the street and picking the lilypads up off the ground.

   "We are very fortunate that all the aliens brought was some lilypads," announced Dr. Van Corkenshpeel. Everyone in Washington D.C was relieved that they were only attacked with lilypads, but the scare of weapons went back into mind.

   "What if the aliens come back, with weapons, and biohazards?" yelled someone standing on the roof of their car.

   After that was said, everyone was panicking once again.

   "All that we're worried about now is cleaning up all these lilypads," said a police officer. "If the aliens come back, we'll be prepared.

   In about five minutes, everyone was at the scene! The police, the media, firemen, detectives, police dogs, the F.B.I., even the X-files were there!

   There was one reporter especially, that covered the story from every detail. She was Ginger Ale, from Soda Pop Networks Channel 355. Every time there was an update, she had it. Ginger only found one witness to interview.

   "What did you see and what was your experience?" Ginger Ale asked.

   "These elliptical shaped U.F.O.s came down to about fifty or sixty feet off the ground, then dropped millions of lilypads from their ships. At first, I didn't know what they were, until I came out from under my truck. It'll be a while before my house and yard are cleaned up," the witness answered.

   Thank you very much. Stay tuned for more updates," Ginger Ale said, as she went to a commercial.

   Detective James Pond, was investigating the case when he picked up a lilypad and looked at it very closely. It looked odd, so he took it to Dr. Van Corkenshpeel's laboratory.

   Dr. Van Corkenshpeel, do you happen to have a lilypad from the pond south of the city?" asked James Pond.

   "As a matter of fact I do!" replied the scientist.

   In about twenty seconds, Dr. Van Corkenshpeel came out with a slimy, green, soggy lilypad from the pond.

   "Thank you doctor. I knew it! These lilypads are different from earth's! That means the aliens must live on a planet similar to ours!" shouted James Pond excitedly.

   "Good work Mr. Pond! I will try my best to locate the planet," said Dr. Van Corkenshpeel, as he went to his mega telescope.

   In a few days, all the lilypads were gathered up and dropped into the Atlantic Ocean. Everything was fine until Dr. Van Corkenshpeel made another disturbing discovery.

   "There are more aliens on the way! The distance they are away from us, and at the speed they are travelling, the will arrive in approximately one week!" yelled Dr. Van Corkenshpeel.

   "Military Chief, I have a job for you and the military. You need to get all the fighter jets and all the army tanks you've got, so you can shoot down those aliens," George Bush said.

   "Anything for you Mr. President," replied the military chief. After hearing the news, the military chief headed to the Pentagon to tell his troops what to do.

   "This is Ginger Ale, reporting for Soda Pop Networks Channel 355. Mr. Bush, what are we going to do tomorrow when the aliens are set to arrive?" asked Ginger.

   "We have every military fighter jet and every tank set to shoot down the aliens," George Bush replied in a serious way.

   "What will we do about the thousands of people who will flood the streets anxiously awaiting the attack?"

   "Everyone will stay in their homes. If they are interested in the attack, they will be able to watch it unfold live on CNN,"

   "Thank you very muck Mr. President," said Ginger as she closed up.

   It was the moment of truth. The military was set. CNN camera workers were filming the sky. The public were in their homes glued to their television sets. Then, as soon as the alien vessels started appearing in the sky, the fighter jets took off and the tanks aimed their cannons.

   "FIRE!" yelled the military chief, and a split second after the chief's command, the alien ships disintegrated! It was fireworks of metal, debris, and lilypads. People were celebrating the success when Dr. Van Corkenshpeel ran out of his laboratory.

   "There are more aliens! They must of saw our attack, because they are headed straight towards the sun!" he laughed.

   Everyone got on their high tech, magnifying sunglasses and watched as the alien vessels burnt up as they crashed into the sun.

   "A job well done, sir," George Bush said to the military chief.

   "Thank you Mr. President, Thank you!"