October 1, 2001

John Cabot's Expedition by Clarke M

Giovanni Caboto, or John Cabot, was an Italian explorer who grew up in Venice to be a merchant, shipping goods to and from the Arab countries. Perhaps Cabot was inspired by the voyages of Christopher Columbus, to set sail as a world famous explorer. After all, he had gained a reputation as a skilled mariner. "I will probably set sail as an explorer with a beautiful ship, one day," said Cabot. Cabot also had said something about moving to England, but that was still unsure at the time.

Cabot Moved To England

England was looking for new ways of trading goods. So was Cabot. When the King heard about John Cabot, he authorized Cabot, the skilled mariner from Venice, to set sail west, to the unknown land in a ship called "Mathew".

"I'm so excited! I get to follow my dreams, to help others find new ways to trade goods," he explained to the King. Very soon after his thanks and good-byes, Cabot rushed off to find a crew for his journey. When he was all set, he went.

Life Is Hard Out At Sea

All though they might of had 7 to 8 months worth of food, it was terrible! Salted meats, dried fruits and vedgetables, and beer. What a boring diet!

"The food is bad, everyone is complaining, I honestly think we're never going to last the trip," said a worried Cabot.

The crew were running out of options. They were getting sick, and not enough sleep. Cabot felt hopeless at that point.

"It's almost been a month already, I think we're goners," sighed Cabot. "With weather conditions, it's too much".

John Cabot's Last Days At Sea

Finally, Cabot and crew found land.

"It's over!" someone fom the crew yelled. They also found the new trading ideas. They also got to eat real food, and got a good night sleep.

For months on, Cabot searched the coast of Newfoundland, which is now known as the Grand Banks.

The Return

John Cabot had returned, and was a hero in England. He also was rewarded 10 pounds, which was a lot of money. Though the next time Cabot set sail, he did not return. Did he perish out at sea? We will never know.