How Doughnuts Got Their Holes
One day, in the town of Hortons, there lived a man named Dunkin Doughnuts, who loved balls of dough. He would flavour them with chocolate, with sprinkles, with icing, and with sugar. Dunkin ate his balls of dough in such a particular way. He would stick his finger, right through the middle of it, and eat around the ball of dough until there was none left.

   "How come you eat your balls of dough like that Dunkin?" asked his wife.

   "The reason why I eat my balls of dough like that, is so I only get one finger dirty, instead of all of them," explained Dunkin.

   Tim, Dunkin's son, also enjoyed the balls of dough, especially the ones with cream filling.

   "Dunkin, what is wrong?" asked Dunkin's wife as she noticed he was upset.

   "Every time I stick my finger through the balls of dough, it falls apart," Dunkin complained in a childish voice.   "I'm sick and tired of your whining Dunkin! I'm going to think of something to help you eat your balls of dough!" yelled Dunkin's wife as she ran to the workshop in the basement.

   For hours and hours, Dunkin's wife was working in the workshop. She was up to something, but Dunkin and Tim did not have a clue.

   Early the next morning, Dunkin's wife came upstairs.

   "Dunkin, I have built you a machine that pokes a hole out of your balls of dough. So when you stick your finger through the middle of the balls of dough, it will not fall apart," said Dunkin's wife.

   Dunkin turned on the new machine and was amazed.

   "Thank you so much! I love it! You are the best wife in the world! All I want to know is, where does the middle of the balls of dough go?" asked Dunkin.

   Before Dunkin's wife could answer the question, Tim had an idea.

   "May I eat the middles?" Tim asked in a polite way.

   "Sure!" Dunkin and his wife said simultaneously.

   After a few years, a new era was committed. 'The Era of the Doughnut'. Dunkin and his wife named the balls of dough, doughnuts, after their last name. They also opened a restaurant, called Dunkin Doughnuts.

   As for Tim, he named the middle of the doughnuts, Timbits. Tim also opened a restaurant, called Tim Hortons, after the name of the city.

"So That Is How Doughnuts Got Their Holes"