The aboriginal peoples of the North have traditionally been a nomadic people, living off the land. This meant following the animals in hunt during the winter, and setting up fishing camps in the summer. However, today these people have formed settlements to be near schools, hospital services, transportation, and the conveniences of modern housing and community living.

Besides hunting and fishing, people of the north make their living in jobs such as:
- Teacher, Janitor and other School positions
- Doctor, Nurse and other Medical staff
- Police Officer and other Legal professionals
- Mechanic and other Repair workers
- Store Personnel
- Mining worker
- Pilot and Airport personnel
- Driver (water, fuel, garbage, tractor)
- Artist (sculptor, painter, craft maker)
- Office workers (teller, secretary, manager)
- Scientists
- Telecommunications personnel

Some people of the North continue to live a traditional lifestyle. However, more and more people are choosing to live in hamlets, villages, towns and cities.